Fifteen Minutes or Less

Published February 23, 2024 tag category
Fifteen Minutes or Less

Late night, middle of nowhere on a deserted back road. Todd is late on delivery with a pizza and getting really tired. It has been storming pretty /bad/">bad for more than an hour. After driving a little longer, he finally sees a place and sure enough it looks like it. Its a pretty big place with three stories and an electric fence surrounding everything. Its obvious as he looks around, that the owner, a woman by the name of Chrissie, is very wealthy. Todd gets out and rings the communication buzzer and announces his arrival. He waits for a minute, and thinking noone is there decides to leave. As he starts to turn around, he hears a female voice say "Youre late. Well, no matter. stunning brunette hussy diana xxxxpv Come in, let me open the gate for you." As the gate opens, he starts slowly walking in. Something doesnt feel right, but he has to do his job and is curious, sort of, about what the place and owner looks like. Hes about to ring the door, when it opens revealing a trim, /blonde/">blonde, beautiful older woman. She is wearing a really tight shoulderless strapless top and asshugger jeans. She has some of the largest breasts he has ever seen anywhere. Shes smoking a cigarette as she exhales and says "Well, arent you the /cute/">cute one." "I.." he starts, but is interrupted. "Look, Ill pay full price, even though you were late, but youll have to do me a favor. Dont worry about being late back, Ill cover for you." She smiles at him. 

Hes getting excited as she invites him in. As soon as he reaches the living room, she tells him to have a seat and make himself at home. "You know, Ive been very lonely the last couple of months..let me get right to the point. I need you to please me. First off, take off all of your clothes and place them to your left." He couldnt believe the luck he was having. He must be dreaming! He does as told and she laughs and says "Oh, youre happy to be here! I was experienced are you?" She rips off her top and lets her mammoth melons bounce out as she pinches one nipple in her hand and the other hand is grabbing her crotch. He tries to get up and at her, but she tells him to stay down. "Wait until I say its ok" she says. "Yes, maam" he replies. She then slowly starts to unzip as she says "What I meant was how experienced are you...orally?"

At that point, she ripped off her jeans and removed what was a cup to reveal a huge 15 inch /erection/">erection. Todd completely freaks out and starts to run for the door when she pulls a gun, cocks it, and yells "No use, bubblebutt. Youre all mine. This whole place is deserted except me and you. Nobody for miles. Now...get on your knees and crawl over here." He does as told. Chrissie tells him "Good boy. Now start kissing it, its been neglected." Todds never had a homosexual or bisexual tendency in his lifetime and is begging for "her/him" to let him go, sobbing but doing as told kissing and sucking up and down the entire shaft. Then she grabs his throat, keeping the other hand on the trigger and orders him "Open wide." He reluctantly starts to open his mouth, still begging , but she grows impatient and forces herself in. She pushes as far as she can go and stays for a minute as he gags and spits up. He starts thinking maybe if I get her off now, she wont want to fuck me. He starts going at it harder, slobbering all over her /fat/fat-cock/">fat cock and the floor as she pumped in and out, occasionally gagging him. He reaches around to try and find her prostate, and she realizes what hes doing and then throws him back onto the floor and yells "Spread your legs now /bitch/">bitch!"

She straddles up to him and rubs her wet, /hard/hard-cock/">hard cock in white attractive slutty whore xxxxvie circles around his stomach, then trails down to his puckered hole and rubs just the head into the entrance as if shes going to stick him but instead leans over and holds the gun to his head and breathing heavily into his face, kisses him slow and passionate. As soon as their lips part, she whispers "Are you ready?" and starts to try and slam it in. He has never had anything shoved up his ass before and hasnt had any lube applied before she started doing this. She pushes and pushes as hes in complete pain. He clenches his anal muscles, subconsciously trying to prevent her from going further. She laughs and pushes even harder. "Yeeaahh, thats what Im talking about!" In a few minutes, shes steadily pounding away talking shit the whole way as she violates him. As she fucks him, her tits are bouncing wildly and he thinks "this is actually starting to feel good." Just as he thinks that, she bends him back further and stands on her tiptoes bending him to lie on his shoulders as she pounds the entire length into him. "AAAAhhh.. ahh... he screams." She finally, pulls out to his relief, but then shoves her cock right into his mouth as she sprayed load after load down his throat and into his hot, young mouth spilling out the sides as there was so much. She then told him to get dressed and if he were to tell anyone of what happened, he wouldnt live to regret it as she has many powerful contacts. Todd quit the pizza job and was never quite the same.