Just an Ordinary Couple

Published March 1, 2024 tag category
Just an Ordinary Couple

My wife and I have your typical marriage, we go out, have discussions, have bills, and yes, have sex’ with just one little difference. After about 4 years of marriage my wife came to me one evening and said,

’I need to talk to you honey.’

’Sure, what is it?’

’I need you to take this serious and don’t make fun of me or get mad.’

’Okay, I promise.’

’You know when we go to bed and make love.’


’Well’ I.. um’I like to pretend I’m asleep at times.’

’You mean you want me to have sex with you when you are pretending to be asleep?’

’Yes’ but not always, just sometimes.’

’How will I know when you want to do it that way?’

’I don’t know’ um’ how be I go to bed naked’ then when you come to bed you will know?’

’Okay we can try that.’

’Thank you honey, you are the best husband a woman could want.’

With that conversation out the way, we continue with our routine of life and our sex life never changes until about three weeks after our conversation.

We started getting ready for bed; she had gone in and washed and so on before I did what is a usual routine. After I finished shaving I return to the bedroom, the bedside light is still on as I climb into bed, my wife is lying with her back to me and the covers pulled up around her neck. I roll over and say good night to her but she does not answer, reaching over I touch her waist and sliding my hand down to her hips, I realize she is naked.

’Honey’?’ I say, but she does not answer, then I remember our conversation. What do I do’ how do I do this’ better yet what can I do? These questions flash through my mind as I slide my hand from her hip to her waist moving my hand upward I reach around in front of her wwwxxx gently cup her breast in my hand. The feel of her breast is soft compared to her erect nipple pushing against my palm.

The /erection/">erection I now have is harder than ever before reaching down I quickly remove my pajama bottoms letting my cock free of all confines. I move up close behind her and feel the warmth of her body next to mine. My cock pulses repeatedly as it lays length wise along the crack of her ass.

I begin to run my hands over her body from as far down her legs as I can reach back to her hips and around to her breasts. Then she begins to stir and pulls her right leg up, now she is lying on her front with her left leg straight and her right leg pulled up. I move my hand down her waist to her hip and across her ass. She has a beautiful /tight/tight-ass/">tight ass gently massaging her ass; I realize I can reach her pussy from this position.

Sliding my hand down between her legs I feel the warmth and softness of her pussy lips on my finger tips. My cock spasms as I run my fingers over her pussy lips, I slowly slide one between her lips feeling her wetness, wetter than I can ever remember her being. Slipping my finger into her /hole/love-hole/">love hole, she never moves and inch, pushing it deeper and deeper I soon have it buried as deep as I can.

My mind goes wild with my newfound sexual freedom and the feeling of her wet pussy grasping my finger; without hesitation, I begin to gently finger fuck her pussy. Slipping my finger in and out of her /cunt/wet-cunt/">wet cunt is driving me /crazy/">crazy the desire to fuck her is so strong I feel I will cum before I ever get inside her pussy.

Removing my finger from her pussy, I grasp my cock and stroke it a couple of times before positioning myself above her body. Holding myself up with one arm, I grab my cock with the other and position it at her pussy opening sliding the head up and down her pussy lips covering it with her wetness. Then without warning, I push the head of my cock past her pussy lips and into her warm cunt.

Now holding my body up with both hands, I begin to push my cock deeper and deeper as slow as I can. She never moves as I penetrate her pussy completely. My cock buried deep inside her /pussy/tight-pussy/">tight pussy drives me insane but I want this to last, this is her /fantasy/">fantasy. Slowly I begin to pull my cock back out stopping just before the tip of it leaves the grasp of her pussy lips, then reverse the action and slide back inside her warm cunt.

As I continue the tension is building within my balls, knowing I will cum before long I pick up the pace, my cock sliding in and out of her cunt faster and faster I reach down grabbing her leg behind the knee, and pull it upwards a little farther making her pussy feel even tighter around my cock. Bracing myself, I slam deep inside her warm cunt slamming the head of my cock against her cervix, feeling her push her ass back against me knowing she is liking this I repeat the action again and again, her pussy convulsing around my cock tells me she is climaxing as I slam in hard.

Feel her pussy juices around my cock making her pussy super slick, I look down between our bodies and watch my cock appear and disappear inside her pussy. The tension has built up to a point I feel the head of my cock begin to pulse deep inside her cunt, giving one last push deep inside her my back arches as I drive my hips forward bury my cock deep in her pussy forcing her body downwards as I slam my body against hers.

Holding my cock deep inside her the head pushing against her cervix, I explode shooting cum deep in her love hole. Spurt after spurt leaves my cock as I hold it still, her hips pushed up off the bed trying to get me deeper. Slowly my cock begins to soften pulling it from her pussy it glistens from our sperm coating. Rolling over I lay on the bed facing the ceiling trying to catch my breath when I feel her moving. She rolls over the wwwxxx facing me and placing her head on my chest she reaches down and gently massages my /balls/ball-cock/cock-and-balls/">cock and balls.

Then softly whispers, ’Thank you that was great.’