Gizzelles one night stand

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Gizzelles one night stand

It was a peaceful and moonlit night. Gizzelle was feeling good, and a bitnaughty. Gizzelle was a mysterious beauty, she was 19 and had long dark hair with a pale face. She had deep blue eyes that made the night glare. Gizzelle had a petite body that was slender. She had perfect hips with a tiny waist and that would give you a pecker. Gizzelle's ass was nice and round and her body was in perfect shape. 

Gizzelle was the kind of girl who wasn't slutty or nasty. She was still avirgin. She thought that she looked ok, but guys would practically throw themselves at her. Of course, she was very shy but she wasn't that decent.

On that night Gizzelle was wearing a tight black midriff with a short silk skirt and lacy high heels with her hair in a sexy style. Gizzelle had a date that her friend arranged for her to get laid. Gizzelle was walking around a lake at the public park around 10:15. She was getting a bit nervous because her date was late. Then she saw a man with a mechanic's shirt on. Gizzelle guessed that this was her date. She saw the tall man walking determined to her. All of a sudden, he pushed her against the grass and started to rip her shirt off. Gizzelle would of fought back , but this wicked feeling inside of her made her just stare at him. Five minutes later he had taken off her blouse and her bra. He stared at her huge bouncing breasts and told her that he was her date and that she had hot breasts. She only managed to say uh huh. Then she got up with her breasts bouncing and she started to force her breasts into his mouth. He started to suck on her breasts while she was moaning with pleasure. He was sucking her breasts like his life depended on it. Then he stopped and started to rip ger skirt off. With hesitation, Gizzelle asked, W-w-what are you doing?, he replied getting you fucked dirty slut. He started to take her skirt off one more time, then he touched her pussy and felt her already wet spot on her sexy black. Gizzelle ripped her thong off and he pushed her on her back and shoved her legs toward his mouth. He started to lick her clit making her shove her pussy more into his mouth he then headed down to her pussy and started to suck it. Gizzelle was feeling incredibly horny and she couldn't wait for that mass of meat to force down her .

Gizzelle was moaning in pleasure while he was slurping her xnxxv sunny leone video . Gizzelle was feeling incredible vibes in her pussy, then she gushed out her virgin .Gizzelle was breathing heavily and she knew what to do next, she quickly got to her knees and started to tear this man's jeans apart and find his lively manhood. She reached his dick and just stared at it, it was so long, about 10 inches and it was so hard. She saw that he already had some precum dripping. She eagerly licked it and put hids dick in her tiny mouth. The man moaned and shoved his dick further into her mouth. She began to suck and go back and forth trying not to choke with thishuge meatstick. 

She slurped and went back and forth on his dick for a while. Doing this made her feel like she was his , she kind of liked the idea.The man was moaning and shoving his dick more into her mouth. He started to shout come on , youre my slut , I'm gonna fuck you all night long slut! The man started to moan even more and was trembling, his mass had cummed! Gizzelle was trying to swallow all of his white cum. !Gulp!she had long white rivers going down her delicate face. she real forced anal against her will tried to lick it all of, Gizzelle had never felt more dirtier in her life and man did she love it! Gizzelle told the man that she was dripping wet and she wanted to be fucked . With no hesitation, the man got her on her back once more and positioned his 11 incher towards her . He rubbed some of her on his dick for lubrication. 

The feelin of his dick touching her pussy lips made her horner than ever, she imagined his meatstick all the way in her pussy ,makin her scream with delight. Gizzelle told him that she was a virgin and that she was . All he said was, you betta be ready for the ride of your life, little bitch! He slowly fit his gigantic dick into her pussy, Gizzelle could feel it stretch her tiny fuckhole, in seconds she felt an exploding pain in her pussy and she begged the date to stop invading her pussy . He said, we're gonna have to make this fast. Alll of a sudden, the man slammed into her pussy making her scream,the pain only lasted for seconds, then he started to pump his dick into her pussy,he was pumping faster and faster into her tight pussy. 

Pretty soon, Gizzelle started to move her body with his body.Her boobs were bouncing furiously ,while the man placed his large hands on her round apple ass.The man pumped furiously into her , banging her with his . For a while the man and Gizzelle were moaning and pumping their bodies against each other. All of a sudden the man shouted, I'm gonna come!!!! Gizzelle also screamed her innocent little head off. They both cummed, the man had exploded with cum inside Gizzelle's pussy. He slided his drenched dick out of her wet pussy. 

The took a breather for a moment, then the man got up and dressed, he then walked away, leaving Gizzelle exhausted and laying on the grass. A few minutes later , Gizzelle saw a another man. He said,Are you Gizzelle, I'm your date tonight and I need to get you laid".All Gizzelle could utter was "huh! The man said " I see you've already gotten naked,let's get started!"