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100% fiction!

Friends. This is a story of a friend of mine. It does not appear convincing. Had I not had the personal knowledge of them, I would have brushed it off as a total lie. This story is not porn. In reality, sex is an unspoken truth of our life. Since explicit sex scenes are described in the story, it could be dubbed as porn. However, this is an actual real life story. I have described it in the first person, although the involved parties exclude me.


I am Nalin. I was in Mumbai in those days, working for a Multi National Company. I was about 30. My wife Neha was 26. We were married for about six years then. My company transferred me to Mumbai from Ahmedabad. By then, we had a son. We had no place to stay in Mumbai. One of my cousins offered me a temporary accommodation, which was too small. I took permission from my company to keep my household belongings in a company?s warehouse, until I got an accommodation. I started looking for an accommodation. I contacted our friends and relatives.

Ours was a love marriage. Neha and I studied in the same town. Neha was educated but rather conservative in her approach to sex. In her college days, she felt fully comfortable with men. At the same time, she would not closely befriend anyone easily, particularly men. Of course, she had more male friends than women in her college. She would however, keep a limit in her relationship with men. She was five feet 5 inches tall. She has sweet smiling round face and has dimples on her cheeks. She is well endowed with an eye-catching figure of 36 30 36, breasts of 36 D cup size. For watchers, her breasts and hips gave a tempting occupation. She dressed normal, avoiding exposure. However, she dressed well. Her beauty oozed from her lips, smile, radiance and her figure. She wore saree and occasionally Punjabi suit. She was conscious of her larger breasts and made conscious efforts to keep them well covered.

Perhaps Mumbai water was unsuitable, or due to weather, my son was not keeping good health. I gradually built up a good circle of friends and relatives in Mumbai. Amongst them, Mukesh Bhai was our star friend. He was actually, more than a friend for a variety of reasons. He was my oldest friend in Mumbai, because we studied together in college. He was also liberal in spending money. Every time we went out, he would not allow us to pay. This happened almost all the time and Neha felt bad that Mukesh Bhai paid the bills and we did not share the bills.

It was true that Mukesh Bhai was the only person who could afford to pay for all of us. Many times, we offered to pay our bills. However, he would just not allow us. At times, we proposed to share the bills. However, Mukesh Bhai did not like the sharing system and always insisted on paying the bills. His argument was that he earned more and this expenditure was nothing. That was of course true. This made us feel indebted to him. Ladies in our group and Neha in particular, felt obliged to him for this particular reason.

Mukesh Bhai?s wife, whom we called Anu bhabhi, was short, frail and rather normal type of woman. She was attractive and quite charming, at the time of marriage. She was caring and very affectionate. I got along very well with her and did not lose an opportunity to tease her in a friendly way, in front of her husband. She took my jokes in her stride and would laugh off at my banters.

Although, Mukesh Bhai kept smiling, he was carrying a heavy burden of sadness. We learnt that his wife (Anu bhabhi) was detected with terminal cancer. The doctors had said that it was just a matter of time. When we heard this, we were terribly shocked. We were amazed by Mukesh Bhai?s strength. How a man could have so much grief and yet not show it on his face. This also explained why he was missing for almost a month, before we learned of his wife?s sickness.

More or less at the same time, health of my son deteriorated speedily. Mukesh Bhai had contacts in medical field. He helped me get my son the best possible treatment. He was very popular amongst his friends by virtue of his extremely helping nature. We admitted my son in a good hospital. I ran out of money. Mukesh Bhai financed me Rs. 100,000 for treatment. However, my son could not survive. That was a rude shock to us. Neha in particular was shattered. In a way, she blamed me for my son?s death. She felt that I did not pay adequate attention to my son?s treatment.

All through this crisis and after the death of my son, Mukesh Bhai stood behind us as a rock and helped us in all the way he could. He was particularly spending a good deal of his time with my wife Neha to convince her that I was not wanting in my efforts to attend to our son. He persuaded her to go out to movies, for dinner and other entertainment programs and tried his best to make her feel better. During our time of crisis, none of our relatives could come due to the distance and the fact that we had not informed most of them, because they lived far away. Mukesh Bhai did not let us feel the lack of our relatives. He was there, whenever we needed him. alain lyle porn He provided us his personal, financial and moral help, when we were in dire need.

His contribution in tackling this crisis in our life was so great, that for us, he was more than just a friend. He was an indispensable member of our family. I called him my elder brother. Mukesh Bhai made Neha get over the pain of son?s death by arranging for her a part time job, close to our house. Our income then was enough to enable us to meet our expenses and have some surplus. When I offered to pay, what Mukesh Bhai had spent on my son?s treatment, he was very angry. He asked me whether my son was not his son. He said that he had always treated my son as his. He blasted me off for even thinking of paying back. He said that he had spent the money on his son.

In spite of his effluence, Mukesh Bhai never made it a point to show off his wealth. He easily mixed with us and was very happy in accepting us as his friends. He would mingle with us as our own and paid great respect to us as his friends. He and his wife made a wonderful couple. His wife was simple and charming. She was particularly friendly with Neha. When Anu was better, we teased each other. Mukesh Bhai also teased Neha very much. He would speak double meaning sentences with subtle sexual touch; to tease Neha. He would do this in front of his wife also. They were just friendly banters to tease her or to tease me. We enjoyed exchange of such teasers.

Mukesh Bhai never made any sexual gesture or gave an indication of his sexual inclination to Neha or any of the women in our group. However, I noticed that he was attracted to Neha. I had seen him stealing glances at Neha?s breasts. He would not miss an opportunity to target Neha or me in making some comments with sexual undertones. For example, when he would visit us and if we took some time in opening the doors, he would say, ?Well, I hope, I have not disturbed you in your intimate programs.?

If we insisted on leaving any party early, he would ask Neha if we had planned to go to bed early and then sleep until late at night. Neha would also respond in equally brazen manner. She would retort saying that she had indeed scheduled the program; however, they had to put it off because of the party.

Before Anu?s (Mukesh Bhai?s wife?s) sickness (or before we knew of her sickness), I would also target Mukesh Bhai and his wife in similar ways. There would be many such lighthearted exchanges. I enjoyed them. Such exchanges brightened, somewhat, our dull married life and would give us something to talk about in bed.

However, the fact was that after more than six years of our marriage; like any other normal married couple, the fun of sex had paled. Ego, fatigue, arguments etc. replaced excitement of Sex. Our sex life tapered down after we had a son. We lost him soon after our arrival in Mumbai. This further drove us apart. I got busy in my work and Neha got busy in her job and household chores. The sex became routine and monotonous.

She began avoiding sex. I felt that sex had become a duty or labor for her. We had unspoken problems. Our sex frequency went down to once in a week or so. I felt frustrated. I expressed my frustrations to Neha at times. However, she could not change. I did not know what I could do.

In the meanwhile, our search for the accommodation was proving fruitless. There is saying that, in Mumbai, one may get a spouse to marry, but not a house to live on rent. Then one evening Mukesh Bhai visited our small room. I was about to narrate my woes of failure to get a house on rent. However, he said that he had come to talk about his problem.

He said that he had purchased a house in Bandra and was planning to return his old flat in Mumbai to the owner in return of a fair pugree. Pugree is a system in Mumbai, whereby a tenant pays the owner a sum prevailing at that time unofficially (out of account books). In return, the owner gives out his house on very low monthly rent. When the tenant vacates the house, the owner has indian santali xvideo to pay 65% of pugree at the prevailing rate at that time to the old tenant and collect 100% pugree from a new tenant. This would benefit the house owner a sizable amount; yet give the tenant, who was moving out, also some money. Mukesh Bhai?s house owner refused to pay a fair amount. This caused Mukesh Bhai a lot of frustration and he did not know how he could persuade the house owner. All his efforts to try to persuade the owner directly and through some intermediate wise men, failed to persuade the owner.

Suddenly an idea cropped up in mind. I suggested to Mukesh Bhai that he should shift to his new house and let us move into his house. We should do this shifting, quietly in the night. We would just move in without moving our stuff on the first day. Then gradually, we would move in the stuff every day.

We decided that when his house owner would ask me, I would tell him that we were Mukesh Bhai?s guest and would stay on for a few weeks. Eventually, the house owner would realize our ploy and would come under pressure to negotiate with Mukesh Bhai with better and reasonable terms. We would, by then find a better accommodation.

Mukesh Bhai agreed to this and we moved in. Mukesh Bhai shifted to his new house. We gradually brought our baggage, without yet bringing in, our furniture. Mukesh Bhai had left his furniture for us to use. This gesture of Mukesh Bhai completely bowled over my wife. Even earlier also, she was a staunch supporter of Mukesh Bhai. However, with this gesture, she felt greatly obliged. Of course, I did too. At least, finally, we had a reasonable house, even if temporarily. At least, it gave us time to look for an accommodation at leisure.

During the period following shifting into the new house, Mukesh Bhai?s wife became critical and she expired one evening in the hospital. Mukesh Bhai was inconsolable. His relatives and we tried our best to console him. For me and Neha it was a double blow. After losing our son, this was another setback. Mukesh Bhai found it difficult to live alone in his house. He would stay away from his house as much as he could, and spent majority of his time in his factory or with us.

He would come to our house. He and Neha would talk to share their grief. He felt better talking to us, as we discussed a lot of things to make him forget his loss. We tried to offer him family feel and comfort. He would talk about his business and I would offer him suggestions on how he could possibly tackle his business problems. Many times my ideas would work. He would then come and thank me for my suggestions. He was a welcome VIP in our (which was actually his) house. After all, it was because of him that we got a house to live, in Mumbai. His immense help during my son?s last days were invaluable.

Whenever Mukesh Bhai came, Neha would cook for him and try to make him feel at home. She served him food, snacks, drinks etc. I and Neha decided that we would give him company for as long as we could. I asked Neha in particular to spend time with him. She made it a point to be with him, even if she had some other work. She would sit with him and talk to him for hours. When he was with Neha, it looked to me that both were trying to make the other feel comfortable in helping the other person overcome his or her loss. Neha realized that Mukesh Bhai missed his wife and was seeking a shelter in her company. I told Neha that at this moment she has to handle Mukesh Bhai delicately.

One evening, when Mukesh Bhai came, we were in the drawing room. Neha was sitting and I lay with my head in her lap. When Mukesh Bhai came, I got up. Mukesh Bhai said that he had a slight headache. I immediately rushed to get a balm and made him lie in Neha?s lap. Neha massageed his head and applied balm. Mukesh Bhai fell off to sleep in Neha?s lap. He must have slept for about fifteen minutes. During this period Neha kept on mildly caressing his head and his chest. She inserted her hand through his shirt and caressed his chest lovingly. She was now free with Mukesh Bhai. I saw that Mukesh Bhai loved her gesture and caught her hand occasionally with affection. I enjoyed the sight.

Neha and I wanted Mukesh Bhai to overcome the loneliness and pain due to demise of his wife. As the time passed, the deep wounds began to heal. Almost six months passed. Mukesh Bhai had almost got over the shock. However, he lost his naturally charming and disarming smile. His smile was pale and strenuous. We could spot the dryness in his laugh and emptiness in his eyes. The only time, he appeared somewhat affable was when he was with Neha. She could make him smile from heart. Neha did her best to make him feel at ease. She told me that although Mukesh Bhai appeared normal, he was missing his late wife, Anu. I told her that when he talked to Neha, he appeared to be a different person, laughing, smiling and trying to enjoy the life.

One night, after Mukesh Bhai had left, I asked Neha, if she was attracted to Mukesh Bhai. Her reply was that any woman would be attracted to him. She said that as far as she was concerned, she thought that he was a pillar for us. She said that of course, he was an attractive person. When I pointed out to her that, I caught him stealing glances at her breasts; she asked me if I was feeling jealous. She said that Mukesh Bhai was not the first or the last man who stared at her breasts. Her breasts were too big to be hidden or ignored and what was the big deal if he stared at them surreptitiously, she asked. After all, he had lost his wife and if he felt any better, it was ok with her, she said.

Neha and I attended my company?s official parties occasionally. Invariably, Neha would be the centre of attraction due to her youthful charm, beauty, dress sense and luscious figure. She would attract lusty glances from my colleagues and superiors. She was the cause of jealousy amongst the wives of my colleagues. During our love making sessions, sometimes, I asked her, how my colleagues or friends? looked at her with lust in their eyes. I asked her if she found any one in particular staring at her and if she found any one attractive enough for to take a second look. Initially, she refused to enter the debate. However, when I insisted, she said that many people looked at her breasts. However, she said, none of the persons were worth a second look; there was no question of her feeling aroused.

One evening after returning from a meeting with Mukesh Bhai, I casually asked her how she felt about Mukesh Bhai. She surprised me by counting all the positives about Mukesh Bhai and admitting to me that amongst all the males, she had met, she found him the most attractive. She described him as macho, mentally tough, simple and affectionate. This made me think of some interesting possibilities.

Once, my wife and I were travelling by Mumbai suburban train. It was grossly over crowded, as usual. She was stuck between one man and a seat. I was a few rows behind her. I could see one fellow enjoying the thrusts of the train and consequent rubbing of their crotches. She could not complain because there was no space for him to move away. I did not know how Neha felt. I should have got angry and flared up.

Instead, I was highly aroused seeing my wife?s crotch rubbed against the crotch of another man. I felt erection building up between my legs. I realized suddenly, that this incident surfaced hidden desire in me to experience the feeling of seeing another man /wife/wife-fucking/fucking-my-wife/">fucking my wife and her enjoying it and giving pleasure to that man. I was aroused even at the thought of how another man would enjoy squeezing the sweet round globes of my wife and how he would suck her pussy and insert his rod into her.

That night, in bed, I asked her how she felt, rubbing crotch with a male. She said in a matter of fact voice, ?What could I feel with a person, whom I do not even know. It was no pleasure. It was more of a torture. If it was not for a situation, where none of us could move, I would have slapped this fellow.?

I asked her, if it would be different with a known person. Her teasing answer was ?May be.?

I was excited. I decided to push her more. I asked, ?Suppose, a known person, whom you like, was there in such a situation with you, would you have enjoyed it??

She asked a counter question. ?If a woman, whom you like or desire, was with you in a similar situation, would you not enjoy it??

I had to say, ?Yes, you are right, I perhaps would.?

She said that, that was also her answer. I was pleased to hear this from my wife. I wanted to hear something like this for a long time. I decided to press my luck further.

?When you say of a known person, whom you like, could you hint at someone??

?Why should I?? was her reply.

?Could it be Mukesh Bhai?? I asked.

?Could be.? She blurted out. However, after she realized that she had slipped out her secret, she tried to cover it up and said, ?I didn?t mean that way. There is no such possibility. Why do you ask such questions??

Our talk ended there. That night, I asked her again in a loving and innocent tone, if she would have enjoyed a similar situation with Mukesh Bhai. She avoided the answer. However, after our conversation, she rolled over to me desiring sex. I noticed that there was fire in her.

As soon as we lay in bed, she took the initiative and began to woo me with foreplay. It was a long time since we tried to please each other to lead to the inevitable sexual intercourse. The foreplay went on for about half an hour. She was aroused so much that she climbed on top of me and gave me a solid fuck, lasting more than half an hour. She had orgasm twice during that period. My guess was that she was perhaps fucking Mukesh Bhai and not me.