Messenger from the Amazon- Ecuadorian Flute

Chicham Chiriap was born in the Amazon and is an expert survivalist and nature enthusiast. He is a musician, artist, chef, and spiritual guide. He is fluent in Shuar native language, Spanish, and English. Chicham Ronal Chiriap was raised in the community of Buena Esperanza in the province of Morona Santiago, Ecuador. Fortunately, he grew up in a spiritually connected family that realized the importance of nature and the forest around them. At approximately eight years old, in the tradition of the Shuar culture, he participated in a ceremony of 3 days with the shamans at the sacred cascades in the rainforest. There he had a vision that the Shuar call “Waimiaku”. In English, this word means “a man of vision”.
The word “Chicham” in the Shuar language and culture has many different important significances. It represents different forms of communication, and the four directions of the world around us. These definitions of the word, all signify how Chicham is trying to connect and communicate the message of protecting the rainforest and its people, to the world.